Who We Are

Integro Languages is a people business.

We believe that the relationships we build with clients are an essential part of Integro’s translation and interpreting services. We want to understand your requirements and meet them as part of every assignment. Based in Norfolk, UK, we are a small team founded by Tom Bool who has qualifications in both languages and international business. Since the company was founded in 2007, Integro has developed a suite of translation services to meet the needs of business in the UK and internationally – from the specialist requirements of medical insurance to the high flying world of private jet hire.

Read more about our management team below, or find out how we work. If you would like to discuss how Integro can help you, please call us on 0845 0945 390.


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We first approached Integro with some ad-hoc translations but we now regard them as a valuable part of the team. Their understanding of our business and market is excellent. They are able to provide us with consistent, reliable and accurate translation on a timely basis.

Stewart Damonsing – GlassGuard Marketing Manager

Management Team

  • Tom Bool

    Tom Bool

    Tom Bool has been running Integro in its present form since 2007, building up the company’s client base and developing a service offering which combines a range of services in translation and interpreting. A graduate in International Business and French, Tom has worked outside of the UK and is particularly aware of the challenges facing companies who are seeking to get their messages across in different markets and different languages. He places particular value on the long-term relationships Integro develops with its clients.

  • James Austin

    James Austin

    James Austin joined the team in September 2014, as an accounts assistant. While studying in accountancy through AAT, he spent his first year dealing with all of our translators and clients, managing their accounts. Over time, James has evolved into a full project and administration support expert. Today he is Integro’s longest service team member (after Tom, but then it’s his company). Almost nothing happens here without James knowing about it and if you want to get something done, James is your go-to guy.

  • Kelsey Frick

    Kelsey Frick

    Kelsey is from Philadelphia, USA, and joined Integro as she was coming to the end of her studies in French and Media here in Norwich. Kelsey is a natural creative-type, and having spent her whole life in recording studios and playing with digital medias of various sorts, she originally came to us to work within our audiovisual translation services. Ever since her first day here, Kelsey fit into the team perfectly and showed such enthusiasm and flair for the work that she almost overnight became an integral, irreplaceable member of the Integro bunch. Kelsey provides admin support for our Insurance Translations division, liaises with our translators and clients, and provides technical backup to our whole team with her absolutely outstanding grasp of translation technologies and digital media.

  • Lizzie the Labrador

    Lizzie the Labrador

    Lizzie is our resident office dog, and has been Integro’s official mascot since January 2016. Lizzie is genuinely one of the best trained dogs you will ever meet. She always knows how to cheer people up, and provides endless entertainment! Her main skills involve sitting, lying down, fetching things (nothing useful) and in her spare time she has a successful career in “Competitive Obedience”.

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