How useful is translation jargon?

16th October 2017 / Integro

As with all industries, there is a lot of misused jargon in the translation industry – here’s a roundup and an explanation of some key bits you might need to know.


What use is a Term Base?

4th October 2017 / Integro

When you place an order with a translation company you will hear a lot of industry specific jargon that you…


Keeping Technical and marketing translations consistent

13th September 2017 / Integro

A common story from our new clients about their existing translation provider is the inconsistencies in translations of their marketing content and product descriptions of key concepts for their brand. Here’s why.


The layers of marketing translation

17th August 2017 / Integro

International growth is a great way of widening your target audience, thus increasing potential revenue. However, when looking to expand…