Insurance Claims and Assistance

A 24-hour safety net for claims teams and emergency assistance.

Language back up that takes the stress our of international claims
Every phone call, every email and every document handled fast and with ease.

Integro’s services for insurance teams will take the nightmare out of international claims. Documents are handled fast, phone calls are connected to an interpreter in seconds and your whole team is fully backed up and ready to handle any language that’s thrown at them.

We work across the spectrum, from global insurance groups to tiny air ambulance crews – giving them the back up and confidence to provide fantastic international assistance services.

Claims teams act faster – claimants are happier – costs are kept under control

 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Integro support team is always on call.

Learn more about our global team support services below or to call our Insurance team us on 0845 0945 390.

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Areas of Work

  • Assistance Team Support

    Assistance Team Support

    The documents supporting a case can be in any language – and when it’s the wrong language, it can be an assistance disaster.

    Even the most multilingual assistance team has their limits, and Integro is the safety net to pick up the slack.

    Medical reports, police reports and hospital notes can all be handled by our experts – even when it’s urgent!

  • Secure, Constant and Robust

    Secure, Constant and Robust

    A solution that’s been widely used for many years by global insurance teams, Integro has the breadth to deal with a huge range of languages and the ability to deliver FAST.

    We’re here 24 hours a day, every day.

    Our secure online portal means requests can be made in seconds and documents are safe and fully audited the whole way.

  • Telephone Interpreting

    Telephone Interpreting

    A good claims team needs to be prepared to answer and make calls in any language, at any time. Integro makes that easy.

    At sharp prices and with access to interpreters in seconds, Integro makes over 150 languages available to your claims team.

    International claims excellence, just a phone call away.

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Case Study

Aetna: On Call whatever the language

International Private Medical Insurance

InterGlobal provide international healthcare cover to thousands of members all around the world.

Aetna: On Call whatever the language company logo
Aetna: On Call whatever the language case study for Integro Languages, Insurance Claims and Assistance

InterGlobal is an international provider of private medical insurance. As a broker in the insurance market, InterGlobal regularly has to deal with a large volume of calls in an extremely broad range of languages.

The company first approached Integro in search of a telephone interpreting solution. They had some in-house interpreting capacity but as they were expanding to sell policies in more and more countries, they had identified the need for a more reliable service.

Integro’s response was to demonstrate its On Call system which InterGlobal found met the need for a more seamless response in different languages. Integro adapted the package to meet the client’s needs, including an online interface for extremely smooth access to interpretation.

Integro has gone on to provide assistance to InterGlobal’s claims handlers who in responding to international claims for medical treatment, were constantly dealing with invoices, prescriptions and the like in other languages. Integro put together a large team of translators around the world and provided specific training to help them work in the medical insurance field. This allows us to offer a tailored rapid document translation service that meets the precise needs of the InterGlobal claims department.

Thanks to Integro's On-Call service, we can communicate in any language and act promptly with confidence globally; thereby meeting our prime objective to provide a high level of service to all of our clients, 24 hours a day.

Derek Stroud

Group Operations Director

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