Insurance Claims and Assistance

A 24-hour safety net for claims teams and emergency assistance.

Language back up that takes the stress our of international claims
Every phone call, every email and every document handled fast and with ease.

Integro’s services for insurance teams will take the nightmare out of international claims. Documents are handled fast, phone calls are connected to an interpreter in seconds and your whole team is fully backed up and ready to handle any language that’s thrown at them.

We work across the spectrum, from global insurance groups to tiny air ambulance crews – giving them the back up and confidence to provide fantastic international assistance services.

Claims teams act faster – claimants are happier – costs are kept under control

 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Integro support team is always on call.

Learn more about our global team support services below or to call our Insurance team us on 0845 0945 390.

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Areas of Work

  • Assistance Team Support

    Assistance Team Support

    The documents supporting a case can be in any language – and when it’s the wrong language, it can be an assistance disaster.

    Even the most multilingual assistance team has their limits, and Integro is the safety net to pick up the slack.

    Medical reports, police reports and hospital notes can all be handled by our experts – even when it’s urgent!

  • Secure, Constant and Robust

    Secure, Constant and Robust

    A solution that’s been widely used for many years by global insurance teams, Integro has the breadth to deal with a huge range of languages and the ability to deliver FAST.

    We’re here 24 hours a day, every day.

    Our secure online portal means requests can be made in seconds and documents are safe and fully audited the whole way.

  • Telephone Interpreting

    Telephone Interpreting

    A good claims team needs to be prepared to answer and make calls in any language, at any time. Integro makes that easy.

    At sharp prices and with access to interpreters in seconds, Integro makes over 150 languages available to your claims team.

    International claims excellence, just a phone call away.

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Case Study

Travel Insurance Facilities Group: Better, faster and more productive

Specialist Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Facilities (TIF) Group provides specialist travel insurance as a full lifecycle service provider.

Travel Insurance Facilities Group: Better, faster and more productive company logo
Travel Insurance Facilities Group: Better, faster and more productive case study for Integro Languages, Insurance Claims and Assistance

Travel Insurance Facilities (TIF) Group is a specialist travel insurance full lifecycle service provider. They provide a vast range of services to the travel insurance industry, and it was predominantly their assistance and claims handling services that brought them to Integro Languages.

After a considerable period of growth in demand for international services, TIF’s language resources were stretched. Phone calls were pouring in, claims support documents were stacking up; TIF had hit the point where they really needed help from experts to bring down their wait times and to support their language needs.

That was when they met Integro.

Integro’s 24-hour service and their specialised assistance support caught TIF’s interest immediately. After they contacted Integro, a meeting was set up with the team. Over the course the meeting, Integro’s services were shaped to meet TIF’s needs. As a result, TIF now handles phone calls with ease, in any language. Perhaps more importantly, their clients’ documents are translated quickly and painlessly, ensuring that they process their claims as fast as possible, especially in emergency situations:

“An elderly client in Turkey had a nasty head injury. The family were really distraught but with Integro’s help we were able to communicate with everyone involved and get answers so quickly, it helped out so much.”

“Another client had a stroke in Croatia. It was obviously stressful for everyone involved, but when Integro translated the medical reports, we actually discovered that the patient had a brain tumour. It was a completely new diagnosis, and a huge shock. But, clearly, the information was invaluable, and getting it fast made a huge difference to the client.”

Since the beginning of the partnership, TIF have become one of Integro’s most trusted clients, a relationship that is valued by both companies.


Integro have been a huge help. They are always there, always helpful and between their telephone interpreting service and their translation services, we know they have got our back 24 hours a day. The people are great to work with and our team have the highest praise for them all.

Daniele Frollini

Operations Manager

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