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What we do

It’s all about you.

For every project, you’ll have a unique project manager who will be with you every step of the way. We work like this because at Integro, cooperation is key. We aim to develop a rapport between our team and yours, primarily because it’s what makes us able to provide the very best service made to measure your requirements.

Our clients continually thank us for taking the time to ask the right questions. Understanding you and what you’re trying to achieve is the key to providing translations that can help you reach your goals, and grow internationally.

Your deadlines, your goals, your words – it really is all about you. Get in touch to see how Integro’s team can help get you there.

Who we are

We’re a small team of project managers and professionals.

At Integro, our door is always open – we wouldn’t get far in an intercultural world if it wasn’t. We love what we do, and that’s why we’re ready to give your project the individual attention that it needs. As a team, we hugely value our long-lasting client relationships. So get in touch for a chat on how we can help you. We’d be happy to meet you.

Read more about our services below or to discuss how Integro can help your business grow, call our Business team on 0845 0945 390.

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Areas of Work

  • Document Translation

    Document Translation

    When a business decides to grow internationally, often they’ll need to translate a wide range of documents, such as technical manuals, presentations, product packaging, tenders or glossy magazines. Each type of document presents new challenges and needs a specific approach.

    Integro is here to help take the weight off your shoulders. For each project, we have a structured process which involves finding out exactly what you want and managing our translators towards final delivery. Ensuring accuracy and the right tone for each translation is central to the Integro service.

  • Legal Translation

    Legal Translation

    Integro uses specialist translators who are experienced with technical and legal terminology to ensure a fast and accurate legal document translation service. We regularly work with a wide variety of legal documents such as correspondence, contracts and certificates. We can also assist with both telephone and face-to-face interpreting so that you can communicate with your clients. We are aware of the sensitive nature this work often entails, and can provide a fully confidential service as required.

  • Marketing Translation

    Marketing Translation

    Integro works with you and your team to ensure that your marketing messages remain compelling and informative – whatever the language. When it comes to marketing, your copy is a core aspect of your strategy. We’re here to provide translations that persuade, motivate and achieve the same goals as they do in your own language.

    Whatever the assignment we ask the right questions and assemble the right team to ensure that your translation gives your business the best chances of achieving internationally.  Integro also works in a huge variety of graphic design and publishing formats including InDesign, so you can give us the originals and let us do the hard work.

  • Packaging Translation

    Packaging Translation

    With a combination of technical and marketing information, the language of packaging needs to be informative, accurate and engaging. Integro provides such a flexible service using specialist translators and translation teams to reflect the multiple messages that today’s packaging frequently contains. Whatever the assignment, Integro works with the client to ensure packaging conveys the intended messages, a service which is provided for more than 150 languages.

  • Audio Visual Translation

    Audio Visual Translation

    Whether you have a short YouTube clip or a lengthier promotional film that you would like to share globally, Integro has the tools and knowledge to provide a comprehensive subtitling and dubbing solution tailored to you.  Clients currently experiencing the benefits of our professionally subtitled and dubbed videos include a range of advertising and digital agencies. So if you’re looking to reach out to your customers around the world, get in touch with us for a chat.

  • Website Translation

    Website Translation

    If you are looking to grow your business internationally, you will need to take steps to ensure that your website is accessible to your core global markets. You could be looking to fully translate and localise your website or provide terms and conditions for each market, and successful and sustained global growth cannot be achieved without translation. Integro provides localised translations for your target markets, and works with you to ensure your message is consistent and effective.

  • Interpreting Services

    Interpreting Services

    Getting the right interpreting support for a meeting, a conference or a court hearing, can be a critical aspect of your business. Integro will provide you with an interpreter to suit your needs, making all the arrangements to ensure that your interpreter is in the right place at the right time and fully briefed to take on your assignment. Integro’s On Call telephone interpreting is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week in over 150 languages. On Call was created specifically with international businesses in mind, offering a robust service that can handle the needs of busy call centres and rapid response situations. On Call interpreters are only ever a phone call away and can assist with inbound and outbound calls.

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Case Study

Tobar: a tale of two catalogues

Toy Retail

The Tobar Group sell toys, gifts, gadgets and games in the UK via their Hawkin's Bazaar and Stocking Fillers stores, and around Europe via distributors and Tobar France.

Tobar: a tale of two catalogues company logo
Tobar: a tale of two catalogues case study for Integro Languages, Creative & Commercial

The language of toys can be as distinctive and personal to a country as the country’s language itself. Whether you are talking about soft toys or magic tricks; fun stationery or festive stocking fillers, there can be a set of terms and even a tone of language in one country that may be completely different from another.

This was one of the challenges facing Tobar, a Norwich-based supplier and development centre for toys, gifts and gadgets which commissioned Integro to translate its entire English catalogue into French. Getting to know the language of toys for both countries was an essential part of the brief.

“A lot of Tobar’s products have existing translated names,” says Integro MD Tom Bool. “We had to carry out considerable up front research, both to align ourselves with the existing terms and those commonly used by the toy community in France.”

Integro, which was chosen from a number of translation companies, stood out for its careful, considered approach to the brief; namely setting aside time to understand exactly what was required and demonstrating the importance of a partnership approach to the project going forward.

“The real key to success has been working with the client to understand the exact purpose and intended use of content in advance,” notes Tom. “This involved long hours of product research before beginning the actual translation, as well as ensuring a close question and feedback relationship between our chosen linguist team for this assignment and the client.”

As part of the Integro process for capturing information to ensure a consistent and responsive service going forward, this has led to the creation of a dedicated Tobar database of terms and to the sophisticated use of translation memory software. In short, these facilities help to ensure that nothing is lost in translation and no translation gets lost.

The upshot is that as new products and product lines are added to the English language catalogue, Integro is in pole position to translate them for the French version. As more projects are completed, so more toy terms and translations become available to support future work.

In addition to the main catalogue project, Integro also translates Tobar packaging information into a range of European languages as required. It’s a partnership approach that continues to work well for both parties.

Integro work with us on a number projects and we have developed a strong business relationship. With their help, we are able to target overseas markets with marketing e-mails and have increased online traffic in France thanks to the fully-translated website. Integro always provide a highly professional service, whatever the request.

David Airey

Internal Sales Manager

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