Translations for Growth

Unlocking international growth for exporters and ecommerce

What we do?

You can use translations for a whole range of reasons. At Integro, our strength is translations that help you grow.

Businesses are always highly challenged when they want to grow. International growth is especially challenging, and online businesses and exporters need to have the right support.

At Integro, we start at the start, helping you by applying intelligent process to actually test your methods before making big investments  in translation. We walk you through the right questions and decisions and then guide you through the language elements of your growth.

The result is that your documents actually perform and get results. You avoid the pitfalls and money wasting associated with traditional growth methods, and get the growth results you want as fast and efficiently as possible

Our clients continually thank us for taking the time to ask the right questions. Understanding you and what you’re trying to achieve is the key to providing translations that can help you reach your goals, and grow internationally.

Your deadlines, your goals, your words – it really is all about you. Get in touch to see how Integro’s team can help get you there.

Who we are

We’re a focused team of project managers and professional, marketing savvy global experts. Not just a group of linguists.

At Integro, our door is always open – we wouldn’t get far in an intercultural world if it wasn’t. We love what we do, and that’s why we’re ready to give your project the individual attention that it needs. As a team, we hugely value our long-lasting client relationships. So get in touch for a chat on how we can help you. We’d be happy to meet you.

Read more about our services below or to discuss how Integro can help your business grow, call our Business team on 0845 0945 390.

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Areas of Work

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Global graphic design experts in every language

  • Effective Onboarding

    Effective Onboarding

    We learn about you, your methods, and your goals

  • Multilingual email support

    Multilingual email support

    Fast and accurate client communications

  • Video Subtitling

    Video Subtitling

    Expand your reach on social media

  • International Keyword Research

    International Keyword Research

    Identifying the right terms for your target markets

  • Marketing Translation

    Marketing Translation

    SEO considerations, keyword research, and creative translation by the experts

  • International PPC and Social campaigns

    International PPC and Social campaigns

    Test and grow your international audiences

  • eCommerce Translation

    eCommerce Translation

    Manage sales and conversions abroad

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Case Study

Brandbank: making light of the technical

Digital Content

Part of the Nielsen family, Brandbank specialises in managing and distributing FMCG brand content.

Brandbank: making light of the technical company logo
Brandbank: making light of the technical case study for Integro Languages, Translations for Growth

Brandbank is a large UK company, offering a high-quality digital content service for multi-channel retailers. The company takes photographs of a product and compiles information about it.

In reaching out to a global market, Brandbank needed demonstration versions of their complete online interface in French, Dutch, Polish and Slovak. They also had a tight deadline – so needed a large volume of very specific translation in a short timeframe.

The challenge of the project involved its extensive use of technical terms with words often used out of context. The only way to deliver high quality translation is to ask numerous questions and ensure an easy flow of communication with the client. Having worked with a translation company that hadn’t grasped the complexity of their project, Brandbank received a recommendation to try Integro.

Integro delivered by taking time to understand exactly what was required before working out the right approach. This involved breaking down the project and taking full responsibility for getting each translation right.

With our translation team around the world, we were able to process a huge amount of work in a short period of time – and the results were exactly what the client required.

Integro took a lot of pain away from our translation process. We have a range of technical files that needed to be complete and they were able to handle any format we delivered to them which saved us a lot of time. They took care to make sure that the context was correct, asking all of the right questions. They were under pressure with our tight timescales, but the deadline was met and the quality remained high – thank you Integro.

Richard Friend

Head of Integration Services & Product Management

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