What We Do

We help local, national and global brands communicate clearly and effectively in any language.

Understanding your needs – and responding to them

Integro Languages listens. We build a picture of what you want and act on it. Our client-focused approach covers everything from translating a document for a particular audience to interpretation and ongoing support. For each assignment, we ensure those involved have a full understanding of your immediate requirements in the context of wider business objectives. This allows Integro to deliver solutions that are both timely and appropriate.


Our specialist sectors

As part of a growing Integro client base, we are working extensively with two key sectors– Creative & Commercial and Insurance.

Integro’s translation services can be tailored to the needs of any client, from a corporate law firm to an advertising or public relations agency. Services to these and other typical clients include the translation of websites, tenders, marketing brochures and manuals as well as interpreting, voice overs and in country support.

Read more about our process below, or to discuss how Integro can help you, please call us on 0845 0945 390.

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Our Process

Our Process, Integro Languages

Integro operates a structured four-step process to ensure consistency and quality. For each project we undertake the following steps:

1. Understanding the brief – and its context

When a brief is received, Integro need to fully understand what is required, the nature of the client’s business, the target audience and what kind of translation skills are likely to be most appropriate. To this end Integro will spend time discussing and clarifying the brief with the client as well as conducting its own research, for example via the client’s website or by looking at other companies in their market. Integro believes that research and clarification of this kind is essential as a precursor to assembling the right translation team and delivering a successful project.

2. Selecting translators and interpreters

By fully understanding the brief, Integro can select the right individual or team for the job. Selection can be determined by:

  • Specialist areas – many translators will have appropriate qualifications; – for example technical translation.
  • Personal interest in certain subjects; for example cars or software.
  • Experience – they have worked with this type of document or sector before.
  • Consistency – a translator or interpreter has worked with the client before – and the client would like to work with them again


3. The Integro service offering

Once a project is up and running, accuracy and speed are two benchmarks of the Integro service offering. So too is the quality and consistency of the process which are supported by Integro’s use of the Plunet translation management system. As part of this process, Plunet can help to manage several stages of translation, editing and proofing with Integro required to work in such different formats as Word and Excel, Creative Suite, Quark and HTML, depending on the project.

4. The Project Debrief

Every Integro project concludes with a debrief. The object of this exercise is to check that client needs have been met and that the correct processes have been followed, while also looking at opportunities to enhance and streamline future translation services for this particular client. This can include looking at the use of new terms which may need to go into the translation memory for future reference. Other issues can include the format of documents for use in a given situation.

You can read a case study below to find out more about how we work, or to discuss how Integro can help you, please call us on 0845 0945 390.

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Case Study

Brandbank: making light of the technical

Digital Content

Part of the Nielsen family, Brandbank specialises in managing and distributing FMCG brand content.

Brandbank: making light of the technical company logo
Brandbank: making light of the technical case study for Integro Languages, What We Do

Brandbank is a large UK company, offering a high-quality digital content service for multi-channel retailers. The company takes photographs of a product and compiles information about it.

In reaching out to a global market, Brandbank needed demonstration versions of their complete online interface in French, Dutch, Polish and Slovak. They also had a tight deadline – so needed a large volume of very specific translation in a short timeframe.

The challenge of the project involved its extensive use of technical terms with words often used out of context. The only way to deliver high quality translation is to ask numerous questions and ensure an easy flow of communication with the client. Having worked with a translation company that hadn’t grasped the complexity of their project, Brandbank received a recommendation to try Integro.

Integro delivered by taking time to understand exactly what was required before working out the right approach. This involved breaking down the project and taking full responsibility for getting each translation right.

With our translation team around the world, we were able to process a huge amount of work in a short period of time – and the results were exactly what the client required.


Integro took a lot of pain away from our translation process. We have a range of technical files that needed to be complete and they were able to handle any format we delivered to them which saved us a lot of time. They took care to make sure that the context was correct, asking all of the right questions. They were under pressure with our tight timescales, but the deadline was met and the quality remained high – thank you Integro.

Richard Friend

Head of Integration Services & Product Management

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